Smart Card

The Smart Card from Five Star Car Wash

Wash All Month and Save Big

Choose any wash, any time with a Smart Card.

Choose any wash you want, any time for a monthly rate of $29.95.

Your credit card will be automatically billed the first of each month and you get $120 worth of credit to use however you would like.

You can manage your card online and make updates or changes whenever you want. 

The choice is always yours at Five Star Car Wash. Choose any wash, any time with our Smart Card.


Why it's Smart

Picture this. You just spent $12 and your valuable time washing your card and boom. It rains. And it's muddy.

No problem. Your Smart Card has you covered so you can wash often to keep your vehicle looking awesome.

Or let's say you have more than one car that needs some love. It's okay. You can wash two family cars with your Smart Card.

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